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Vogue Williams pokes fun at husband Spencer Matthews’ new ‘obsession’ with Ronan Keating

Vogue Williams has poked fun at her husband Spencer Matthews’ new “obsession” with Ronan Keating.

On the latest episode of their joint podcast Spencer & Vogue, the Irish presenter played an audio compilation of Spencer speaking about his friendship with the Boyzone star.

Vogue explained: “We were discussing how obsessed Spencer is with Ronan Keating. It was so outrageous on last week’s pod, we created something just to prove… just wait until you hear how much you were talking about him.”

In the audio, Spencer referred to Ronan as his “best mate”, “the best bloke”, and said that being friends with him is “a life long dream”.

The former Made in Chelsea star also spoke about his recent outing with Ronan, saying: “I was sat next to Ronan Keating, who by the way is probably my best mate. We had an awesome time.”

“He’s my best friend. Ronan, if you’re listening, I love you mate,” the 33-year-old added.

After hearing the audio clip, Spencer said: “Is this supposed to embarrass me? I affirm all of that.”

“If I could go out with Ronan Keating, my life would be made. Great guy, good looking, funny, 25 million albums sold, what a legend, he’s the best.”


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