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The online reaction to the Pope’s visit to Ireland really isn’t good

People are not happy

The Pope’s visit to Ireland this weekend has ruffled a lot of feathers – and nearly all online opinion has been negative.

Pope Francis landed in Dublin at 11am on Saturday, to meet with President D Higgins, to take part in an address with Leo Varadkar at Dublin castle and address over 100,000 people on Sunday.

And while many streets in Dublin have been covered in flags and posters supporting the Pope, the main focus online has been on abuse victims of the Catholic church.

Social media star James Kavanagh has been very vocal about is disgust at the visit, the amount of money being spent by the state on the visit, and why the church “cover-up” should be treated as a crime.

And Wicklow singer Hozier also came out in support of the “Stand 4 Truth” movement, who are coming together to march for abuse victims in Ireland.

The March will coincide with the Pope’s address on Sunday, and Hozier has said he will be there.

There has also already been marches in Dublin City Centre, with many stating although they are happy the Pope is here, they want justice for people who have been affected by the institution.

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