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Stella Maxwell strips completely naked for the front cover of Vogue

Stella Maxwell has stripped completely naked for the front cover of Vogue Brasil.

The 26-year-old, whose parents hail from Belfast, has seriously made her mark in the modelling world as this is her fourth international cover for Vogue.

Appearing on the front cover of Vogue Brasil, the model covers her modesty with her hands as she wears nothing but a statement necklace.

Taking to Instagram, the Victoria’s Secret model revealed that she was “so grateful” to be on the front cover of their May 2017 issue.

Although Stella, who is currently dating American actress Kristen Stewart, maintains strong Irish roots, she was actually born in Belgium and raised in Australia before moving to New Zealand.

“My parents are both from Belfast. I have an Irish passport and a British passport, and I go back every summer and every Christmas, and sometimes I pop over during the year to say hi, and, of course, celebrate St Patrick’s Day,” she previously told the Sunday Indpendent Life magazine.

“All my family look Irish. They act Irish. My sister even has red hair… it’s crazy. I’m the one that doesn’t seem Irish. None of the kids in my family, my siblings, speak with an Irish accent… we’ve never lived there full-time, we weren’t born there, we just go there once or twice a year. It’s weird. Our parents sound Irish, but we don’t.”


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