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Ryan Andrews reveals his father was put on life support after contracting Covid-19

Ryan Andrews has revealed his father Jimmy was put on life support in ICU, after contracting Covid-19 after Christmas.

In a post shared on Instagram this week, the Fair City star shared an emotional video of his dad being released from the Mater hospital in Dublin.

Ryan captioned the post: “This day two weeks ago, my best friend and hero came home after the most terrifying ordeal ever!! My Dad contracted COVID when he returned to work after Christmas.”


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“For 10 days at home he felt progressively worse, went to the doctor and was rushed to hospital straight away where he collapsed on arrival! My Dad is a very fit man, cycles to and from work every day and walks at least 5k with me and Ralph every evening,” he continued.

“I never imagined getting a call to say he was in ICU & being put into a coma and onto a ventilator!! As a family we were absolutely devastated and terrified, jumping every time the phone rang and hanging onto every word from the nurses and doctors who were caring for him 24-7.”

“Miraculously, he finally started to get stronger and they were able to take him off the life-support machine and allow him out of the coma after spending 10 days in ICU & 6 days on a ventilator!”

Ryan and his parents

“I can’t put into words what the doctors, and nurses particularly, did for my Dad and my family. They were our only connection we had to my Dad as of course we couldn’t visit,” he wrote.

“They are absolutely unbelievable people doing this day in day out for families just like mine, and I cannot thank everyone at the Matter Hospital enough! I am beyond thankful for what they did for my Dad and my family for those 4 weeks he spent in hospital.”

Ryan added: “I’m extremely grateful for every minute of everyday now – a long road ahead but we’ll get there & I can’t express how proud I am of My Dad, My Best Friend, My Hero!”


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