Roz Purcell praises Louise McSharry for making her look at her body ‘differently’

The former model has opened up about her eating disorder battle


Roz Purcell has praised Louise McSharry, for making her look at her body “differently”.

This week, the former model had Louise as a guest on her podcast Bite Back, in which she opens up about her eating disorder battle, and her struggle with body image.

Announcing Louise as this week’s guest on her Instagram feed, Roz told her followers: “Unbeknownst to Louise she made me look at my body differently.”

“We shared an office a few years ago and it was probably when I was at my worst. We were alone in the office and like most days in that office not a lot of work got done.”


Roz continued: “We were chattin, we got talking about her recovery and how her relationship to her body changed after battling cancer.”

“For the first time I heard the words (quote Louise) “my body isn’t just for show…..” and it stayed with me every time I thought of punishing it or resenting it. I thought of what Louise said and how I only ever saw my body as this thing that was just for show.

“I was so happy to get her on the podcast as someone who unknowingly helped me but speaks so eloquently on the subject of body confidence,” she explained.

Alongside a photo of her posing with her sister Rachel, who was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia (CML) at the age of 28, Roz wrote: “I hope no one has to go through a loved one getting ill to appreciate their own body but for me it was a huge catalyst to fighting back.”


“You might wonder why there’s a pic of me and Rachel but I explained in episode 1 that my sister & best friend getting diagnosed with cancer was a huge turning point for my ED and echoing the words Louise spoke 2 years before,” she wrote.

“My best friend got an illness completely out of her control and as a family our whole worlds turned. Her body was and still is kicking ass working so hard to keep her healthy and well everyday.”

“All I ever wanted for so long was to have a different body or to make my body smaller no matter what. I REALISED the only thing that anyone should ever want is a healthy body. Punishing it, resenting it, wrecking it won’t EVER make you love it,” she added.

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