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PJ Gallagher volunteers to deliver blood, stool samples and breast milk

Comedian PJ Gallagher has revealed he spends his spare time as an on call delivery man – for blood, stool samples and breast milk.

The Naked Camera star could be asked to drop everything and make a delivery, but can get some mad looks from people who think he’s pranking them.

“I’m on call with the Blood Bike East, and I’m loving that. It’s great, it’s a good service they have,” he said.

“I’m a volunteer and anytime the hospital needs blood delivered, or samples in between them, or breast milk – we do a lot of deliveries of breast milk for infants who need it.

PJ Gallagher & Ger Devine at Today FM

Delivery man: PJ gets on his bike | VIPIRELAND.COM

“We’re on call, so it could be any night of the week. There’s always one of us on call ready to do it. I’ve had to deliver something to Beaumont Hospital at four in the morning.

“You then get very suspicious looks from everyone who think you’re going to perform hidden camera stuff on them.”

Now PJ – who will be at the Vodafone Comedy Festival – plans to back on the road this summer and says people will “soon be sick of me” again after a break from the Irish scene.

“I just wanted to something different – if you do the same thing all the time, the wind gets knocked out of you a bit,” he told 2FM.

“I did gigs in China and Canada and now I’m just feeling the buzz again. I want to get back out as much as I can.”


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