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Niall Horan reveals what moment made his parents the most proud of him

The singer's parents are not fazed by much


Niall Horan has had a hugely successful career to date – but now the Mullingar man has revealed the one moment that truly made his parents proud –   his appearances on The Late Late Show

The singer has sold out concerts across the world and topped charts, both solo and as a member of One Direction. To top that off, he’s worth an estimated €59 million.

However, Niall’s dad Bobby and mum Maura Gallagher are now only fazed by his Late Late show interviews with Ryan Tubridy.

Niall told The Sun “My mother loves going up to the Late Late Show in Dublin when I’m on it. My father is like ‘Jesus, Tubridy is a lovely fella.”

Picture Andres Poveda

“I did Saturday Night Live before Christmas but they wouldn’t have a clue.”

“They go into the green room on the Late Late and Ryan (Tubridy) comes in and says hello and they’re talking about it for two weeks. That’s what I love about Ireland, it’s simple.”

The 26-year-old also revealed what his parents think about his fame: “My dad is fine with it. Even now, I’d bring him to a lot of golf tournaments and he’d go up to a famous golfer and say ‘I was only watching you on the telly last week.”

Niall admitted: “I used to find it quite embarrassing but now I’m like ‘People are people.”

The Nice To Meet Ya singer also shared that he took his mum to meet Michael Buble.

“It doesn’t take a lot to make people happy. My mother meeting Michael Buble, she isn’t over it now.

“She’s a huge Michael Buble fan, like most people. She went to meet Michael and she’s grabbing onto his face. ‘Ah ma, what are you at? He’s my friend!”