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Medical miracle: Rosanna Davison was given NO chance of being born

Chris de Burgh has revealed how Rosanna Davison was a medical miracle who was never expected to be born.

The Irish crooner’s wife Diane suffered an ectopic pregnancy two years before the former Miss World was born – losing the child and nearly her own life.

And the 65-year-old – who only survived become a widow due to the quick thinking of a doctor family friend – admitted that they were then told she would never give birth again.

“Afterwards we were informed than that the surgery Diane had to undergo had left us with only a five percent chance of having more children, which was devastating,” he said.

Lincoln European Movie Premiere at The Savoy Cinema

Family: Rosanna with her dad and mum Diane | VIPIRELAND.COM

“So you can imagine how we felt when, the following year, she fell pregnant with Rosie. For a while we were overprotective.

“When you’ve been through something like that, your instinct is to wrap your child up in cotton wool. But pretty quickly we realised that our little girl had a strong personality, so you have to let her go.”

Now Chris insists he’s hugely proud of Rosanna – who just married Wesley Quirke – and is glad she always followed his advice.

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Aisle: Chris walked Rosanna to the wedding

“I’m so proud of Rosie. She’s a strong, stable girl from a solid, stable background,” he told Hello.

“My being in the profession I’m in and the success she’s had in her own right, as a model and becoming Miss Ireland and then Miss World, hasn’t affected her at all.

“The day after she won Miss World, I said to her, ‘Rosie, from my experience in the public eye, there are going to be two people involved here – the person in the limelight and the private person who slobs around with no make-up on and her hair messed up. That’s the real you. Never bring the other one home.'”


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