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Jedward branded ‘the breakout stars of lockdown’ after new interview

Jedward have been branded “the breakout stars of lockdown” after a new interview.

The pop duo shot to fame on The X Factor back in 2009, and were best known for their blonde quiffs, matching outfits and energetic personalities.

In recent months, the Irish twins have won praise on social media for using their social media platforms to speak out on a range of topical issues, including the Black Lives Matter movement and advocating for transgender rights.

Last week, John and Edward Grimes shaved off their iconic quiffs to raise money for the Irish Cancer Society, a charity close to their heart after they lost their mother to cancer in 2019.

Speaking on Sky News earlier today, Edward said: “We shaved all of our hair for cancer, we’ve raised nearly £3million. It’s a monumental moment for us, it’s the first time we’ve had our hair like this since the beginning.”

Speaking about why they have gotten “more political” online in recent months, Edward explained: “A lot more people in the entertainment world need to make a stance because they have a platform and it does make a massive difference… certain people aren’t watching Sky News or CNN.”

John added: “Everybody wants to be seen and heard… Sometimes people have these old beliefs and we’ve got to be open-minded to everyone else’s beliefs.”

Taking to Twitter after the interview, one user wrote: “Jedward – breakout stars of #Lockdown give them a talk show.”

Another wrote: “Wow. I actually love them so much. This timeline is getting something right! Jedward are the champions of the people, who would have thought?!”

Jedward previously admitted they’re “glad” people see them in a “different light”.

Speaking to VIP Magazine back in January, John said: “I think it’s great that we can use Twitter to change people’s outlook and make them see us in a different light.”

“Me and Edward aren’t what people think. A lot of people pre-judge us, and there’s so much more to us. This year, obviously so much was happening in the news and we decided to say how we were feeling about it all.”

Edward added: “We’re not experts but anything we’ve tweeted has come from a genuine place. We think it hits harder for people when it’s not coming from a politician too!”


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