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Irish model opens up about joining x-rated subscription site OnlyFans

Irish model Alanna Pittorino has opened up about joining the x-rated site OnlyFans.

The platform is a subscription-based service, which allows content creators to earn money from users who subscribe to their account, which means access to mostly racy photos.

The site has become immensely popular during global lockdown, with celebrities such as Kerry Katona and Blac Chyna joining the trend.

And now, Irish model Alanna has spoken candidly about what it’s like to be on the platform.

“I would have done a lot of risque photoshoots. My content would have been fairly out there a couple of years ago,” she told The 2 Johnnies on their latest podcast episode.

“I would have gotten a lot of messages from men looking for things like that.

“I couldn’t be bothered dealing with people one-on-one,” she explained.


“My ex actually told me about it, told me what it was, told me how it works and told me to go for it and I just did.”

Alanna, who is a mother to her daughter Aimee, revealed that she is in charge of the content she puts online and she has “limitations” to what she shares with her subscribers.

“I do have limitations on it,” she admitted.

“I would be comfortable with more, but I have other people that I have to consider a bit.”


“It’s for the sake of my daughter and what I wouldn’t be happy for her to see or have floating around.”

The Cork native, who has 22.9K likes on her account, told Johnny “Smacks” McMahon and Johnny B O’Brien that she regularly gets recognised in public for her work.

“Anytime I go to Aldi, most of the store has seen me naked,” she expressed.

“I rarely get any disrespect. You have sleazes that would go straight to the point saying “Name your price.” ”


“I’d always be well able to stand my ground.”

When the question of money came up during the episode, Alanna compared her account on OnlyFans to other jobs she has had in the past.

“I’m making a nice bit of money,” she confessed.

“I’ve been working and I’ve been paying my own way and I’ve never worked for more than minimum wage.”

“I never really had anything I enjoyed.”

“I do now, but it’s taught me a lot about having to budget every tenner I had every week.”

“With this, it doesn’t matter what’s going on in the world around you.”


She also confirmed that her subscribers had “quadrupled” during the Coronavirus lockdown.

Other A-listers including Megan Barton Hanson, Danielle Westbrook and Danielle Lloyd also have joined the popular x-rated site.


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