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Irish influencer Lisa Jordan opens up about sharing her children’s lives online

"I have definitely reined it in slightly lately."


Top Irish lifestyle influencer Lisa Jordan, otherwise known as Just Jordan, is known for sharing her family life online.

Lisa gives her 195,000 followers a behind the scenes look at the lives of her children Pearl and Bowie alongside the rest of her lifestyle and fashion-focused content.

Speaking to VIP Magazine, the beauty entrepreneur shared that if her children decided they did not want to be involved in her online brand, she would respect their wishes completely.

Guests attend The Gossies 2018 Awards at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Dublin, Ireland – 23.02.18. Pictures: G. McDonnell / VIPIRELAND.COM

“I think everyone is guilty of having their kids online, whether it be a profile picture on Facebook or just an upload to Instagram, everyone does it,” she shared.

“I have definitely reined it in slightly lately. If Pearl gets a little bit older and if she isn’t bothered or doesn’t want to be in my stories on Instagram then that’s it, she won’t be on it. ”

“Whatever she wants is what I’ll do.”

“For now I suppose, nobody knows what the future holds but we’re all on the same wavelength.”

“Will I be blogging in three or four years time? Nobody knows. So I take every day as it comes.”

The online star, who just secured her own weekend radio show on Cork’s Red FM, explained that everything she does in her work is to better the lives of her children.

Lisa Jordan in Crave Closet

“I remember when I had just had Pearl, I wouldn’t leave her at all,” she shared.

“Now that I have two, I’ve realised it’s important for me to take occasional breaks especially when I have them during my working hours. I’m a full- time mom so when I go away I really miss them but I don’t have too much guilt.”

“If I feel anxious, they make me feel better and everything I do, I do for them.”

You can catch Lisa on her new radio show on Cork’s Red FM on Saturdays between 2-6.