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Doireann Garrihy getting ‘abused’ on Twitter for admitting she cried during Leo Varadkar’s speech

This is awful.


Doireann Garrihy has revealed she’s getting “absolutely abused” on Twitter for supporting Leo Varadkar.

On Tuesday night, the Taoiseach addressed the nation during a live broadcast, and gave a moving speech amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

Like many, Doireann was comforted by Leo’s words, and after it aired she tweeted: “Bawled my way through Leo’s address. Such leadership, empathy and strength ????.”

Sadly, the radio host’s tweet attracted a lot of negative attention, and she received some awful messages in response.

Taking to Instagram today, Doireann shared a screenshot of her tweet, and wrote: “I’m getting absolutely abused on Twitter for saying this.”

“Mainly by men… one said ‘he’s not gonna shag you mate’, then a girl with ‘feminist’ in her bio said ‘He’s not gonna sleep with you chicken’. Are people actually for real?”

“I’ll make no apologies for feeling emotional at this time, or for taking comfort in the words that Leo spoke in his speech,” Doireann continued.

“The ENTIRE WORLD is unsure about where all of this is going, cut the man some slack for not having ALL of the answers less than a week into this madness.”

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