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Doireann Garrihy admits she feared the worst after her dog fell ill: ‘We were really worried’

The 2fm star thought there was something "seriously wrong"


Doireann Garrihy has admitted she feared the worst after her dog Bertie fell ill this week.

The radio presenter’s boyfriend Paddy Wilson gifted her the Cavalier King Charles on her 28th birthday last year.

Taking to her Instagram Story, Doireann said she was “really worried” about her beloved pooch, and was afraid to express her concerns on Instagram in case something was “seriously wrong”.

Doireann said: “While I’m sitting here I just want to mention something that I have been so grateful for the past week.”

“Basically Bertie was sick. We were actually really worried, I didn’t really want to talk about it on the stories in case there was something seriously wrong.”

“It looks like there’s not thank God. We thought it was something to do with his pancreas but we think we’ve got to the root of the problem now.”

Doireann went on to say that Bertie is much better now, and thanked Pet Fix for their help.

“So we were bringing him to Village Vets but in between that at the weekend, we had a couple of scares..”

“His stomach was all over the place and whatever. But Pet Fix, oh my God, the service is unbelievable and this is not an ad.”

“It’s just that I’m signed up to them and I’m so glad that we are, because Pete Wedderburn the vet was there to answer any questions we had and any worries we had within half an hour.”