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Blogger Retro Flame forced to take down YouTube video after ‘comments got nasty’

Erika Fox said she has never removed a video before


Top Irish blogger Erika Fox (known as Retro Flame) has revealed she had to take down a YouTube video off her channel this week.

The hugely popular influencer vlogs about her life in New York, from travel, to her style and makeup to interiors.

At the moment the Kerry star is doing an interiors series on her channel, bringing followers along as she decorates her new apartment.

Uploading a video this week Erika said there was a “different tone” in the comments section when she uploaded a video last Friday.

“It got a bit nasty,” she told her subscribers.

“For some reason on Friday’s video it was like a different tone…I’m really sorry for those who watch all the time and who are lovely and would never do anything to upset.

“I was kinda watching (the comments) coming in, I was like ‘it’s normal not everyone is going to have a positive thing to say’.

Erika is a hugely popular Irish blogger

“But they kinda kept coming in….I find that negativity breeds negativity, I try to keep an eye on the comments.

“I didn’t really have time to be dedicating to monitoring comments, to make sure there wasn’t nastiness, so I just decided to take down the video,” she explained.