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Baz Ashmawy slams ‘scum’ who attacked Muslim girl in Dublin

This is horrific!


Baz Ashmawy has hit out at ‘scum’ who attacked a Muslim girl in Dublin.

Gardai have launched an investigation after footage of a Muslim teenager having her hijab pulled off while being forced to the ground and kicked was posted on social media.

Distressing footage shows a gang of young women and men attacking the 14-year-old girl in Dundrum, South Dublin,

The group apparently threw eggs at her and a friend, before kicking her on the ground.

TV presenter Baz, who was raised Muslim, took to Twitter to slam the “scum” who attacked the young girl.

“Sick, angry & ashamed. Those poor muslim girls in #Dundrum. Grew up down the road. Thought things were different now?

“Child of 14 targeted like that? Attacked, hijab ripped off her, then humiliated & pelted with eggs? Hate breathes hate. Theres no us & them. Its just US. #scum.”

Baz previously did an RTE documentary called The Lost Muslim where he explored his Muslim roots.