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Taylor Swift’s longtime publicist slams ‘insane’ rumour about the singer and her ex Joe Alwyn

Taylor Swift’s longtime publicist has slammed an “insane” rumour about the singer and her ex Joe Alwyn.

Taylor and Joe dated for six years before calling it quits in April.

The Cruel Summer’s publicist has now taken to X and slammed gossip site DeuxMoi, for claiming that the singer allegedly had a “marriage” ceremony with her ex in either 2020 or 2021.

Taylor and Joe

Taylor’s publicist wrote: “Enough is enough with these fabricated lies about Taylor from Deuxmoi.”

“There was NEVER a marriage or ceremony of ANY kind. This is an insane thing to post.”

“It’s time for you to be held accountable for the pain and trauma you cause with posts like these,” she added.

Her response comes after DeuxMoi shared on their Instagram, that they received an anonymous submission that insisted that the 33-year-old and the British actor, secretly said “I do.”

The gossip site’s post read: “She DID have a ceremony in 2020 or 2021 in the UK and it was described to me as a ‘marriage’ by more than one person,.”

“It was NEVER made legal.”

DeuxMoi’s account continued: “I have no reason to lie, I could give a s**t what she does!!!!! I’m sorry she didn’t tell you guys about it in a song but just because she doesn’t sing about something doesn’t mean it didn’t happen!!!”

The site has since issued an apology to Taylor’s publicist and wrote: “Well I make zero dollars from lying.. can publicists say the same.”

“Also, to relate something that is in reference to something that happened years ago to ‘pain & trauma’ after what just happened seems like a poor choice of words.”

“Either way, I apologize to Taylor,” they added.


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