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Katy Perry reveals the two triggers that make her cry on stage

One of her triggers is very relatable


The singer appeared on the Australian talk show, The Project, while in Melbourne.

Perry told the show’s host, Carrie Bickmore, that she sometimes cries on stage when she is feeling “overwhelmed” or “hungover.”

She also revealed that she refuses to sing certain songs if they bring up emotional events from her past.

“There are songs that I do not decide to do, sometimes because they remind me of a situation that is painful,” she admitted after Bickmore brought up an emotional scene from her 2012 documentary film, ‘Part Of Me’.

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The Australian host also asked Katy if anything makes her nervous before a show.

“It just depends on the performance,” she answered.

“When I know that somebody special is coming out to see me,” the pop star said.

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She got excited when she remembered that somebody special might actually come to one of her Australian shows.

“I heard Celine Dion may want to come to the show,” she revealed.

“I’m so excited! She is in Australia. She is in Australia,” Katy exclaimed.

The 33-year-old is currently in Australia performing her ‘Witness’ tour.

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