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Editor’s Picks: My Top 16 Beauty Products Of 2016


It’s coming to the end of 2016 so it’s time to look back at all the best beauty buys this year.

I’m lucky enough that I get to try out the latest beauty products, so picking my Top 16 of 2016 wasn’t an easy task.

From foundation to bronzer, palettes to eyeliner, there were so many dream products released this year.

Take a look at my favourites:

1. Benefit Blushin Babe


A favourite of mine this year has been the Benefit Blushin Babe set,

This has been one of my every day used products of 2016. As soon as I got my hands on this jewel I couldn’t get enough.

Benefit are fantastic at putting sets together of some of their staple products, especially on the run up to Christmas, and Blushin Babe contains 5 of Benefit’s famous cheek and face powders.

Without a doubt their Hoola bronzer is the best bronzer on the market, and I’ve become obsessed with their Sugarbomb powder now too.

2. Cocoa Brown Goddess Collection


Definitely one of my top beauty loves this year comes from Cocoa Brown.

I fell in love with their Golden Goddess Oil when they first brought out the shimmer product and their follow up Rose Gold was just as deep and sparkling as I hoped it would be.

Right before Christmas top Girl Boss Marissa Carter brought out Ice Goddess, a stunning silver shimmer perfect to highlight your face and body this Christmas.

And what better way to induldge in Goddess Oil than by purchasing all three? This cute little gift set is available in Penneys.


3. Urban Decay Ultimate Basics


4. Kylie Cosmetics Exposed Lip Kit


I have to admit if there’s one beauty product I couldn’t live without – it’s the Kylie Jenner lip kit.

The famous Kardashian sister has changed the world of lipsticks bringing her super matte product to the market, and people are addicted.

I initally started out with Dolce K this year, but now my favourite is Exposed.


Each colour suits different skin tones and hair colours so try your best to match with your own tones as you can only order these babies online.

5. Flawless Ultimate Basics


This product only just came out from Flawless but I had to list it as one of my favourites for 2016 because it’s already been in my hand bag every single day since I got it.

I love a palette that has more than just eyeshadows (and gorgeous ones at that).


The highlighters and shimmers in this palette alone makes this a must-have product.

Thalia Heffernan was announced as the new face of the brand, and I’m expecting huge things for the brand in 2017.

6. Sleek Cleopatra


As I said highlighters were huge this year, and if you haven’t tried the Cleopatra palette from Sleek you need to GET ON IT.

I spotted this at the Boots Christmas launch and I knew I just had to have it.


This palette has gorgeous champagne undertones and is perfect for giving you that celebrity glow.

7. Pippa Palette


Sticking with palettes, Pippa O’Connor’s palette from Blank Canvas is still a huge seller.

It completely sold out when it first launched and now you can still get your hands on it over on cloud10beauty.com.

As well as her cutely named eye shadows, you also have bronzer and blusher to choose from.


This is another palette of used continously over the year.

8. YSL Eyeliner Pen


This was definitely one of the stand out products for me in 2016.

It’s so hard to find a good eyeliner that not only has the best shape, but it easy to use and doesn’t ware off quickly.

Thankfully this YSL Eyeliner Pen answered my prayers, the double sided shape on the tip of the brush means you can go in light or heavy, and like an actual marker it stays thick.


9. Lancome Ultra Cushion Foundation


On to foundations now and this Lancome Ultra Cushion Foundation was one of my favourite new launches this year.


I had never used Lancome foundation before but I was hooked to this formula.

Once you buy the set all you have to do is buy refills of your foundation colour and you’re set.

Press down and foundation will appear on your cushion, a super smooth formula with great coverage.

10. Rimmel Lasting Foundation


Speaking about great coverage, this year it came out that Kim Kardashian loves using this budget foundation from Rimmel.


RRP €10, this is such a bargain  and gives really great coverage without drying out your skin.

You can find this baby in any boots and nearly every pharmacy.

11. Benefit Precisely My Brow


2016 was also the year of the strong brows, and if you need some brow tools then look no further than Benefit.

I got the Benefit Precisely My Brow Pencil and now I can’t live without it.


You can really easily fill out your brows with this pencil and it’s handy to throw into your bag.

An essential addition to your brow kit!

12. So Su Highlighter 

sosu-highlighterAnother hugely successful year for Suzanne Jackson – her beauty brand SO SU launched two products this year, with her Highlighter Kit just recently unveiled.

In a year where highlighter was on top Suzanne launched her product at just the right time.


You can choose between bronzing highlighters to champagnes and pinks in this kit.


13. Urban Decay Through The Looking Glass


One of the most exciting launches this year the Through The Looking Glass palette from Urban Decay coincided with the movie release from the Alice in Wonderland franchise.

I was one of the lucky few selected to get a sneak peek of the gorgeous product at a private dinner and night away in Tankards Town House and it didn’t disappoint.

I still use a lot of these colours on nights out, and it’s nice to know I have a limited edition palette in my collection.


14. Rimmel Matte Lipstick

rimmel-trend-setterThis year was definitely all about Matte Lipsticks, and while some brands didn’t deliver the right formula, I fell in love with 700 Trendsetter from Rimmel.

I really was obsessed with all the Kylie Lip Kits this year, so it takes a lot for me to switch to another lippy, but this Rimmel lipstick had me hooked.

The shape of the applicator is large as well so you can still achieve that volume in your lips.



15. Flormar Primer


Another must-have product in 2016 was the Flormar Primer, this flew off the shelves and will continue to well into 2017.

The glow off this primer will have your skin looking dewy and fresh before you even get to your BB cream or foundation.

16. Isadora Strobing Face Glow


Last but not least, 2016 was definitely the year of highlighting and that means strobing too.

Isadora brought out a killer combination of strobing creams and powders and they are a dream to use.

Personally I love the cream and put on after your primer is the perfect way to get that subtle sparkle.