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Beauty guru shares genius hack for applying fake eyelashes

A beauty guru has shared a genius hack for applying fake eyelashes.

Jasmine Regmi took to TikTok to share a video of her applying her lashes in an unusual, but super simple way.

The makeup artist applies lash glue to the band of the fake lashes, and pops it under her eye. She then blinks to attach the lashes to her own lash line, and secures them on with a pair of tweezers.


The easiest way to apply eyelashes???!? #makeuphacks #eyelashhacks #hacks

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The now-viral video has been viewed more than 3.8million times.

One follower commented: “NOW WAIT A DAMN MINUTE! Are you telling me I might actually be able to get these things on now?!?”

Another wrote: “Sis!!!!!! You just changed the game.”


Replying to @Hezal Yildiz do you believe me now👀 #eyelashhack #makeuphacks #hacks

♬ original sound – Jasmineregmi

Jennifer Johnson, Senior Brand Manager at ARDELL, has shared her top tips for getting the viral hack to actually work.

She says: “First to make this application hack work you have to start by cutting your lashes to be the correct length and shape that will fit with your eye shape and blend in with your natural lashes. This gives a more seamless finish.”

“To trim lashes simply measure them against your lash line with a pair of tweezers. This will give you a more accurate look at where the lash starts and finishes. If you need to trim them, trim from the outer corner and cut between clusters. This helps to not create an abrupt end to the lash.”

“When trimming the second lash, don’t compare with the first. Go through the steps of measuring it against your eye rather than the lash to give a more accurate lash shape.”


Jennifer adds: “I wouldn’t recommend this hack for beginners. Even though it may seem like the perfect opportunity for you to perfect lash application, glue being this close to your eye where you blink it in to place could cause irritation to the eye if you don’t have experience with applying lashes.”

“If you do wish to try this hack use a minimal amount of glue and only apply it to the top of the lash to avoid any glue going into your eye. Be careful where you place the lash on your bottom line as you want to avoid getting glue in your eye, but you also want to place the lash near the lash line for when you blink.”

She recommends using ARDELL Naked Lashes and the Duo Lash Glue to perfect this look.

Have you tried the hack yet?


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