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10 Hilarious Dating ‘Icks’

Have you ever gotten “the ick”?

According to dating expert Hayley Quinn, the “ick” is when you get a sudden cringe feeling towards someone you’re dating that almost immediately puts you off them.

Some popular icks include when your partner is rude to hospitality staff, when they put on a baby voice, and when they are obsessed with star signs.

We’ve taken a look at some of the funniest icks shared by Twitter users:

1. When the barber has to pump his little chair up

2. When they drop a coin and have to chase after it

3. When they have a Tesco Clubcard

4. When they chase after a paper receipt in the wind

5. When they hold an umbrella and it goes inside out

6. When they wait for the lifeguard to let them go down the slide 

7. The noise he makes after eating something hot 

8. When they try to merge lanes but no one lets them in

9. When their swimming trunks inflate in the water

10. When they stamp near a pigeon and it doesn’t move


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