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Megan Barton-Hanson says she’s open to dating women after admitting to ‘underlying issues’ in relationship with Wes Nelson

The reality star spoke out about her sexual orientation


Megan Barton-Hanson has said that she’s open to dating women after she admitted to “underlying issues” in her relationship with Wes Nelson.

The reality star announced her split from Wes last month, following an ongoing drama between her and the 20-year-old’s Dancing on Ice partner, Vanessa Bauer.

The 24-year-old has now opened up about her sexual orientation during an interview with New! Magazine and revealed that she has dated women in the past.

When asked if she would date a woman again, Megan said: “After this broken heart, I feel like, yeah.”


The Love Island star also spoke about the importance of people with large followings opening up about their sexuality: “I think more people who have this platform need to speak out to younger girls honestly, saying things like, ‘I’ve had a few sexual partners, I’ve always practiced safe sex. I appreciate women and I appreciate men.'”

Megan split from Wes after she accused his skating partner of having a “tactical breakup” from her boyfriend, shortly before her debut skate with the reality star.

The social media star has now admitted that she doesn’t think there is anything going on between her ex and Vanessa: “I definitely don’t think anything has happened. From Wes’ history, his type is blondes.”

“As a woman, it would have been so easy for her to reach out, but when we met she was very cold.”

Picture: Brian McEvoy

Megan went on to say that she believes if the skating partners started dating it would be for their careers: “It was always underlying issues with me and Wes, though. I doubt they’d ever get together – and if they did, it would just be to further their careers.”