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Evanna Lynch opens up about her struggle with anorexia and her shopping ‘addiction’


Evanna Lynch has opened up about her struggle with an eating disorder, and explained her shopping “addiction”.

The Harry Potter actress began suffering from anorexia when she was just 11 years old, and has been vocal about her struggles in the past.

The star is now a full-time vegan, which she explained is not about being healthy – but about her ethics and beliefs.

“I had an eating disorder in my teens. my mother said to me that I always had this kind of weird relationship with food and she was so glad to see that it has changed now. It’s about more than just keeping me healthy, it’s about my ethics and beliefs,” she revealed in the April issue of Irish Tatler.

Honesty: Evanna has been open about her struggles with anorexia | MICHAEL CHESTER

“Activism is not judgement, activism is making people think. It’s about making them realise that is what they’re supporting and asking, ‘Are you okay with this?'”

The Louth native also explained her “addiction” to shopping, and said that she¬†was on “all the VIP best shopper lists” for designers and department stores.

“It’s a very privileged addiction to have but sometimes the thrill of having bought something would wear off as soon as I opened it and I would just send it straight back.

“It was then that I was like, ‘this is really unhealthy. It would be when I felt out of control of my life and I needed something external to make me happy. Like any addiction,” she said.

Meanwhile, the 25-year-old is currently enjoying a long-distance relationship with her new boyfriend Andel, who is a singer/songwriter.

New love: Evanna is now dating singer/songwriter Andel | INSTAGRAM

Evanna was previously in a relationship with her Harry Potter co-star Robbie Jarvis, who played a young James Potter, but the pair split earlier this year.

Although Evanna enjoys a 100% vegan lifestyle, her new boyfriend Andel is a “total meat-eater”.

“My boyfriend is a total meat-eater. He really challenges me on these things and I have to think more. I have certain rules like he’s not allowed to eat baby animals when I’m around, so no lamb. But he always goes to vegan restaurants with me as well.

The blonde beauty also described her new love as her “best friend”.

“It’s about, ‘I like this person better than everyone else and they bring something to my life’. I’m all about relationships being a real friendship. Checking every day seeing how they are and just having a best friend that you can really talk to,” she added.