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Cheryl’s ‘new music leaked’ amidst her major comeback

The singer has not announced release dates for anymore new music


Cheryl’s new music has reportedly been ‘leaked’ online, amidst her major comeback.

A snippet of one of the singer’s upcoming hits has allegedly been shared on Twitter by a fan account.

The soundbite is reportedly of Cheryl’s track, ‘Let You’, which has yet to be released, as the mother-of-one has kept tight-lipped about release dates of anymore new music.

A fan account by the name of @CherylDaily, shared a clip of what many think is the singer’s newest hit, as the account wrote: “At the YouTube music video screening, @CherylOfficial confirmed that she has another song called Let You… this is what it sounds like. Hopefully we can hear it in full properly soon!”

The account later clarified how they secured the recording, as they insisted that Nicola Roberts, who co-wrote all of Cheryl’s upcoming hits with her, had already shared the audio.

“To the articles claiming this song has been “leaked” by this account, it was posted by Nicola a while ago now. We would never post anything that we aren’t supposed to,” they tweeted.