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WATCH: Michael Fassbender opens up about making a career from being an altar boy


Long before he became a Hollywood heartthrob, Michael Fassbender was an alter boy in his hometown – admitting he used make money from it.

As well as making pocket money from his religious role, the Shame actor revealed the experience was his first brush with acting.

“It was my first sort of experience of acting really, I felt being up on a stage and actually it was quite boring sitting there in the congregation but to up part of it was [fun]. I also made money.” he said.


Appearing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallow, the Kerry native told a shocked Jimmy how he made his money.

“Basically if I was doing a wedding or something like that, I would £5 or £10 at the end,” he admitted.

“So I was lucky enough to have the month of September and there’s a lot of weddings so made quite a bit of money. I actually bought my double deck stereo, shows my age.”

However Michael didn’t finish there – admitting he had the responsibility of having the keys to the local church as young man which wasn’t always a good thing.

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Responsibility: Michael opened up about having the keys to the church as a young man  | VIPIRELAND.COM

“Well they had to trust me, I had the keys to the church. I opened the church in the morning and I locked it at night,” he said.

“To their own detriment really because one morning I slept in and I remember there was two priests visiting from America that were doing the mass for the week.

“Then my friend Danny O’Brien ran across the field and arrived at the door with snot coming out of his nose and he was like ‘Michael, everyone’s waiting outside the church’,” he smiled.

“So we ran across the field together, now I had snot coming out of my nose, arrived at the church and the whole congregation was there waiting with the two American priests.

“You could just see they were going ‘Ireland’s amazing’,” he laughed.