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Reality TV star Nicola Hughes: 'I couldn't speak in front of a camera before I did Exiles'


TV star Nicola Hughes has admitted she’s glad she signed up for new RTE reality show Exiles: Vancouver because it prepared her for her Made in Chelsea.

Speaking to Goss.ie at the launch of the new series, the Sandyford native revealed how nervous she was in front of the camera before she started filming but admitted the show has gotten her to where she is.

“I’m so lucky I did [Exiles: Vancouver] before Made in Chelsea because I couldn’t speak in front of a camera when I first got there, I genuinely was trembling, I couldn’t say my name – it’s gotten me to where I am, I’m really grateful honestly,” she told Goss.ie.


Exiles: Nicola was delighted she took part in the RTE show | TONY KINLAN

“Looking back now, I thought it was great I’m delighted I did it – it was a really good experience.”

“I think we all learned so much from it – never thought I’d see the day when I could stand in front of a camera and interview someone,” she revealed.

“When we first started filming, I could barely say my name and now I’m doing another show.”


Nervous: Nicola revealed she was terrified to be in front of a camera before she starred in the reality show | TONY KINLAN

Although now glad she took part in the Straywave show, Nicola admitted at the time she found the experience difficult.

“Yeah, I wasn’t happy to be honest – at the time I thought it was horrible, it was really tough like people think we were just flown over to Canada and it was amazing and we got sorted out with everything,” she told Goss.ie.

“We had to work, we were put in a position – it was hard, I know it was amazing to be brought half way across the world but being put into a house with five other people you’ve never met before and so far away from home – it’s tough like it’s draining,

“[We all had] so many fights about so many things but now I’m so happy I did it, I really am, I learned so much,” she smiled.

Exiles: Vancouver starts tonight on RTE 2 at 9pm