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Nicky Byrne: 'There's definitely improvements to be made to The Million Euro Challenge'


Nicky Byrne has admitted there are “definitely improvements to be made” to The Million Euro Challenge.

The Westlife star’s new Lottery show has been slated by critics and viewers alike – for being confusing and not giving away a lot of cash.

However, Nicky revealed he thinks people will get used to the show eventually – as long as they remember “it’s not Winning Streak”.

“There’s definitely improvements to be made, all across the board,” Nicky told Goss.ie.

Nicky Byrne unveils the set of Million Euro Challenge

Improvement: Nicky admits the show needs a tweak here and there

“People don’t like change, that’s plain to see. I think that people are starting to understand the show a bit more.”

“The show is actually not complicated at all,” Nicky insisted.

“I can understand that Winning Streak is twenty-five years old this Summer so how do you change twenty-five years in a week or two?”

“Obviously that’s going to be difficult to change around.”

Nicky Byrne launches new National Lottery TV gameshow The Million Euro Challenge

It takes time: Nicky thinks it will take time for viewers to adjust to the gameshow

The 2fm star reckons change is good and is crucial to bring in a new audience to the gameshow market.

“It was purposely done to try and bring in a new audience as well as keep the old audience and you can’t do that without bringing change.”

Meanwhile, Nicky also opened up about the criticism he received from other DJs who thought his 2fm show would be a disaster.

“I’m not gonna name them but there was a few. They know who they are. When I was in Westlife people said many things about the band, I’m very thick skinned.”


Whatever: Nicky doesn’t care about the haters

“I felt it was unprofessional. Maybe presenters who have been in the game for a long time felt like I didn’t deserve that chance,” he told Goss.ie.

“I knew I could do the job but they probably didn’t know that. I’m not the type of person to knock somebody before they’ve been given a chance.”