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Lorraine Keane reveals her husband wouldn't see Fifty Shades: 'He only would if there was lesbian sex'


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While the film is getting mixed reviews by most people, Lorraine Keane has revealed she really enjoyed Fifty Shades of Grey – comparing it to porno Debbie Does Dallas.

The TV presenter went to the Irish premiere with a group of girlfriends and told Goss.ie her husband Peter Devlin wouldn’t join her, but he would have seen the flick if there was lesbian sex in it.

“I think men would be bored to tears, Anton Savage walked out after about 20 minutes, Peter definitely wouldn’t go to see it,” she told Goss.ie.

“But if it was lesbian sex he probably would, otherwise he wasn’t interested.

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Not his type: Lorraine says her husband wasn’t interested in Fifty Shades | VIPIRELAND.COM

While Radio Nova DJ Peter isn’t interested in the movie, Lorraine gave it the thumbs up.

Speaking at the fashion show for Arnotts Spring/Summer 2015, Lorraine said she was a big fan of the movie starring Jamie Dornan, comparing it to a well known porn movie mixed in with Pretty Woman.

“It’s really difficult to describe because where they show the sexy parts, it’s actually done very well,” she explained.

“So even though the subject matter was S&M it’s done very tasteful so it doesn’t feel like you’re sitting there watching porn.

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Pretty Woman: Lorraine is a fan of the raunchy flick | VIPIRELAND.COM

“I was joking, it was like Pretty Women meets Debbie does Dallas with a few whips put in,” she explained.

“I’ve never seen Debbie Does Dallas but I believe it was a very popular porno way way back so there’s that romantic comedy-ish bit but with a load of whips thrown in.”