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GOSS TV: Saoirse Ronan reveals her dream list of celebs she'd love to work with


She’s already worked with some of the biggest names in Hollywood, but Saoirse Ronan has revealed her dream list of stars she wants to work with.

The Oscar-nominee is currently promoting her new movie Lost River, which is directed by Ryan Gosling.

And as if working with the Hollywood star wasn’t enough, Saoirse told Goss.ie that Ireland’s own leading man is on her list.

“I really want to work with our very own Jack Reynor, who I think is terrific,” she said.

“There’s lots of people, but I’ve been really lucky with the people I’ve worked with.”

“I’d love to work with Amy Adams, I think she’s really brilliant and I think she’s really versatile.

“I love actors like her and Kate (Winslet), people who completely change with every single project that they do.

Meanwhile the Grand Budapest Hotel star revealed she would love to move behind the camera one day, and delve into directing.

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New movie: Saoirse was at the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival | BRIAN MCEVOY

“It is something I would like to do,” she told Goss.ie.

“I think I would like to produce things eventually – films that are more female centric,” she added.

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