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EXCLUSIVE! Greg O’Shea opens up on his Love Island experience and what REALLY happened after the Amber breakup

The rugby star reveals he got serious hate when his split with his reality co-star

Greg O’Shea has revealed he and ex-girlfriend Amber Gill are on “good terms” now – after their split caused a serious backlash.

In an exclusive interview with Goss.ie, Greg revealed he “lost 400,000 followers” after Amber claimed the rugby star had “dumped her by text”.

Speaking on the latest episode of Goss Chats, Greg said he got a lot of negativity at the time.

“Hashtag #unfollow Greg was trending on Twitter,” he said about the time of their split.


“I remember someone screenshot and sent it to me, I was like ‘oh my God’. Like I think it was 400,000 people unfollowed me in the space of a couple of weeks.

“People kind of got the wrong story, they just saw ‘Greg breaks up with Amber of text’. There was so much more to it,” he explained.

“We were in person, we were FaceTiming, there was phone calls, back and forth, and then just one thing comes out.

“There’s no point in even fighting it because you’re just fighting a losing battle,” he admitted.

Greg, 25, then revealed the pair have since been in touch and are on good terms.

“Me and Amber have spoken privately, I don’t think anyone really knows this. We’ve spoken privately since and we’re both like yeah, no hard feelings, we probably could have dealt with the situation better.

“We get on and there’s no hard feelings, that’s all that matters really,” he added.

To find out if Greg is single or taken now, watch our full interview with Greg on Goss Chats below.

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