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EXCLUSIVE! Glenda Gilson delighted to be pregnant but ‘very sick’

Glenda Gilson was delighted to announce today that she is pregnant with husband Rob McNaughton.

She spoke to at the Peter Mark VIP Style Awards about her pregnancy so far.

“I’m feeling good. I’ve been very sick, every day for the last couple of months but I’m just thrilled everyone knows now and I don’t have to keep breathing in!”

Picture: Brian McEvoy

As to whether or not they would be finding out the sex of the baby they’re undecided yet.

“I don’t know, I thought that at the beginning, myself and Rob were “Yeah, it’s enough of a surprise in November when the baby comes!”, but I don’t know, it’s still too early to find out.”

At 13 weeks pregnant styling was tricky but her good friend Umit Kutluk sorted her outfit with a stunning outfit for the glamorous night with three days notice.

Watch the full interview here.


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