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EXCLUSIVE! Emily Ratajkowski: ‘I love the Irish craic’


Emily Ratajkowski has revealed she loves Ireland because of the “craic”.

The Gone Girl actress has Irish roots, with relatives in Cork, and in an exclusive interview with Goss.ie, revealed that although she has no interest in kissing the Blarney Stone, but she really does love the Emerald Isle.

“I go every year, to County Cork  – Bantry, ” she told Goss.ie.

Speaking about kissing the Blarney Stone Emily said: “I never have, I always go to the South West. I don’t know if that’s my favourite part about Ireland but I know people love that aspect of Ireland,” she added.

Admitting that she loves the Irish because of the craic, the actress said she loves going out on the town.

“(I love) the craic, and I love going to the pubs and just the spirit in Ireland is amazing and it’s also one of the most beautiful places in the world, I think,” she added.

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