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Caitriona Balfe opens up about working with George Clooney: 'He's really goofy'

By: Karen Kennedy

Catriona Balfe has revealed all on George Clooney while starring alongside the Hollywood hunk in the new film Money Monster.

Caitriona plays the head of PR of a company who’s stock bottoms out, causing a man (Clooney) to loose all his stocks and subsequently take hostages on a live TV shows.

“You have this preconception that it’s going to be this star,” the Monaghan beauty explained.


Caitriona starring in Outlander, in which she has recieved best actress for

“He was goofy, constantly making jokes, just a very chill person. He gets in to work and treats everyone in the same way.”

Caitriona admitted she was nervous for auditioning for the role in front of her “idol” Jodie Foster.

“You have in your head everything she’s done and all the incredible things she has achieved,” she told The Independent.

George Clooney Wallpaper @

Clooney will be starring as a irresponsible anti hero who doles out stock tips while hiding his illegal connnections

“I was brought up watching her, looking up to her. But once you’re actually in the room with her the pressure of knowing all that stuff leaves you a bit because she’s incredibly giving.”

“We weren’t having a heart to heart but she gave me a lot of work advice and how to approach my character”.


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