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Bonnie Ryan: 'People think it's easier for me to break into the music industry – it's not'


Bonnie Ryan has admitted people think it’s easier for her to break into the music industry because of her famous surname.

Despite naysayers assumptions, the Dubliner, who is the daughter of the late Gerry Ryan, insisted it’s harder and she’s hoping to prove herself with her single I’m Out.

“I think a lot of people think it’s going to be so much easier for me – it’s actually harder,” she said.

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Making her own: Bonnie opened up about proving herself in the music industry

“Obviously I get to talk to people in the industry and I’ve met a lot of people along the way who have been such a help to me, who have given me such good advice.

“I did do it myself but I have had really good advice and I got to tour when I was younger with Westlife,” she told 2fm’s Breakfast Republic.

“So I got to learn so much from that but as well the name is already there. I think you do have to prove yourself, let the songs speak for themselves, hoping people will like it.”

Although she enjoys watching The Voice, Bonnie admitted she would never appear on a reality TV talent show as she likes to be hands on with her career.

Bonnie Ryan & guests on The Ray Darcy

Her way: Bonnie admitted she would never have appeared on reality talent show | VIPIRELAND.COM

“I love watching these programmes but I think the way I’ve gone about it was doing myself, it’s more my style,” she explained.

“The music is me, I’ve written the song, I’ve come up with the video.

“I think if you come through a competition, they’ll help you along because you’re thrown into it very quickly and they’ll help you along the way saying ‘this is the song you’re going to sing and this is how you need to look for this’,” she said.

“I get to pick all of this myself.”