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WATCH! Sarah Bolger plays terrifying babysitter Emelie


Sarah Bolger has taken on a frightening new role – starring as a deranged babysitter in new horror flick Emelie.

The film follows the story of the Thompsons who hire a young woman (Sarah) to watch their kids, and the oldest child must protect his siblings from her when he discovers that she is mentally disturbed.

In an exclusive clip released by Entertainment Weekly, Sarah is seen acting in her creepiest role yet as she forces the children she’s babysitting not to blow her cover. 

Speaking about the importance of the film’s message to be careful who you allow into your home, Sarah admitted we’re very trusting in our everyday lives.

“We allow housekeepers and babysitters and Uber drivers into our lives, handing over the keys to our home to a practical stranger — it’s become a normality,” she said.

“This is a real girl who enters a home and you’re letting a monster into your house unbeknownst to yourself.

“She’s kind of a backwards villain: You don’t know what her intentions are, so you can’t understand why she’s doing these things — like, who does she hate?” she questioned.

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Careful: Sarah was conscious of scaring the younger actors she worked with | VIPIRELAND.COM

While Sarah is playing an evil character, she was working alongside younger child actors in the film and was conscious of scaring them from her own past experiences.

“I was afraid to go too far and scare them. I feel like Jim Sheridan probably did that for me and my sister when we were doing In America,” she told Entertainment Weekly.

“You want everyone to feel as safe and happy as possible, and I wanted them to like me, too — and not be scared sh**less.

“Emelie’s gone through so much hardship in her past that she’s cracked. Whatever is inside of her is broken, and she’s sort of trying to fill this hole in her life in this very psychotic backwards way,” she added.