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WATCH! CBB's Jeremy McConnell: 'I'm sorry to Sam. I'm sorry for how it worked out'


Jeremy McConnell has apologised to Stephanie Davis’ boyfriend Sam Reece over their flirtation on Celebrity Big Brother.

The Sutton native, who was evicted from the house on Friday night, opened up about the pair’s relationship on the Channel 5 show – admitting he’s still single.

“I’m sorry to Sam. I’m sorry for how it worked out,” he said.


It is too late to say sorry: Jeremy openly apologised to Stephanie’s boyfriend Sam Reece | CHANNEL 5

“I’m a single boy. I told Steph that I would give her a few weeks to sort things out when she comes out of the house. She needs to talk to Sam. If she wants to be with me, then I will.”

Speaking on ITV’s This Morning, the Dubliner, who previously told Stephanie he loved her in Big Brother house insisted “love is a very strong word”.

“I don’t think anyone knows what love is. Outside the house, she ticks every box. But the stuff with her boyfriend needs to be addressed,” he explained.

“I meant everything I said about her I’m not in it for a showmance. I didn’t want to wreck lives. I like to think I have some integrity.”

Watch the full interview below: