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Firerose accuses estranged husband Billy Ray Cyrus of Domestic Abuse amid divorce

Firerose has accused her estranged husband Billy Ray Cyrus of Domestic Abuse amid their divorce.

On June 12th, the Achy Breaky Heart singer filed for divorce from his wife after seven months of marriage.

The 62-year-old and the Australian musician, Firerose, 34, tied the knot on Tuesday, October 10.

Billy Ray Cyrus, Firerose

According to court documents obtained by People, Billy filed for divorce from the 34-year-old on May 22.

The court documents cite the reasons for divorce as “inappropriate marital conduct” and “irreconcilable differences.”

Billy is also seeking an annulment on the grounds of fraud.

Billy Ray Cyrus, Firerose

Billy also filed an emergency motion in Tennessee court on Thursday, June 13 seeking a temporary restraining order.

The singer aims to stop his wife estranged wife from any “unauthorized” use of his personal and business credit cards and accounts.

The country singer alleged in documents obtained by PEOPLE that Firerose has spent $96,986 on 37 unauthorized charges on his business account, including $70,665 in payments to her attorneys in recent weeks.

“As a result of these fraudulent charges… I am concerned that Ms. Hodges is in possession of other information that she may use to make fraudulent, unauthorized charges to my business and personal credit cards and accounts,” Billy Ray wrote in an affidavit.

In a response to her estranged husband’s emergency motion filing, Firerose said there was in fact “no emergency,” and that she has had access to his American Express credit card since June 2022.

Her attorney wrote: “To claim Wife has made 37 unauthorized charges is untrue.”

Billy Ray Cyrus, Firerose

“Throughout the divorce proceedings, the parties are to live as per the status quo during the marriage.”

“Wife was simply living as she has since October 10, 2023, and Husband has no right to cut her off.”

However, Firerose has now responded with a divorce filing of her own that accuses the country star of “extreme verbal, emotional and psychological abuse.”

The 36-year-old filed a counter complaint in Tennessee court on June 14 that claimed Billy-Ray has substance abuse issues that make him “unpredictable and volatile.”

Firerose also claimed that he filed for divorce the day before she was set to undergo a preventative double mastectomy.

The 36-year-old’s attorney wrote in the complaint, which was obtained by People Magazine that: “Wife was the victim of extreme verbal, emotional, and psychological abuse.”

“Wife was subjected to Husband’s persistent drug use accompanied with the consumption of marijuana which made Husband unpredictable and volatile towards Wife.”

“When Wife would attempt to voice certain concerns, Husband would often call her a ‘selfish f—ing bitch’ and continually alleged that she was using him,” the complaint said.


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