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Una Healy rules out having more kids: ‘I’m done now’


Una Healy has ruled out having more children, admitting that it’s “tough” enough having two kids.

The Tipperary native, who is mum to Aoife Belle (4) and Tadhg (18 months), has confirmed that she and her rugby star husband Ben Foden aren’t planning on expanding their brood any further.

“No way. If you’d asked me after Aoife I’d be like: ‘Oh you know, I probably would,’ but I’m done now. I really don’t want any more. If I see a baby I’m like: ‘No, definitely not’.
“It’s tough and really hard work. I’m just so happy with two. I don’t want to say if another one came along it would be an accident, as that would be the worst thing in the world [to admit],” she told The Sun.
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No more: Una and Ben are happy with their two babies | INSTAGRAM

“It would obviously be a blessing. If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. But if I could plan it right now, then no more babies!”

The Saturdays star also opened up about changing her surname back to her maiden name – which sparked rumours that she’d split from her hubby Ben earlier this year.

Una admitted that Ben “found the speculation funny”, and that it “feels right” to use her maiden name for work purposes.

“I still use Foden for when I’m at home and personal things. I’m definitely not the first person to use my maiden name for career reasons, and it feels right,” she said.

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Love: Una revealed how she keeps her relationship fresh after four years of marriage | INSTAGRAM

Una and Ben met back in 2008, and recently celebrated their four-year wedding anniversary – and the flame-haired songstress has now revealed how the pair keep their relationship “fresh”.

“You have to keep it fresh, especially when you have kids. We found it really worked because you need that romance. We had lie-ins together and enjoyed each other’s company and the silence!

“It’s good to not forget that you’re a young couple and not just parents. You need to look after that side of the relationship. We love doing family things together, but we’re finding time for each other a bit more.

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 09.01.30Hand off: Una loves sharing snaps of her hubby – but warns admirers to look but don’t touch | INSTAGRAM

“We’ve started to fit in things like going to the cinema and out for dinner together. It’s really romantic,” she explained.

The couple jetted off to Sardinia last month, where Una shared some revealing snaps showing off her hubby’s hot bod – but insisted that Ben’s admirers “can look, but they can’t touch!”

“He wouldn’t want any of those pictures on there, but I put them up because I want everyone to see him. They can look, but they can’t touch!” she gushed.