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The Top 10 Lip Balms For Winter

Every winter in Ireland has it’s seriously cold days, and it’s bound to take a toll on your lips.

Our lips are often the first to suffer becoming chapped and sore.

But you can bypass lackluster lips this year with this list of lip savers.

Take a look:




Handbag favourite, Dr.PawPaw does more than get ‘The Bear Necessities’ stuck in your head.

Super moisturizing it can be used on lips, eyes and even hair! It’s your one stop shop when it comes to winter beauty survival.

Available from Meagher’s Pharmacy for €8.99

Elizabeth Arden 8hr Balm



Elizabeth Arden’s 8hr lip balm will keep your lips soft all day.

Intensive enough to survive the bitter Irish cold it also looks super elegant and chic. Available with a hint of colour it’s the perfect way to keep your lips smooth and sultry at the same time.

Available from Brown Thomas for 23

Bobbi Brown



Found in many a make up artist’s kit, Bobbi Brown is well established as a master lip balm.

Great for pre lipstick preparation.

Available from Brown Thomas for 22




The favourite of Irish Mammies, Labello is a well known name in Irish households.

Great for sticking in your purse or pocket it’s classic care you can rely on.

Available from Lloyd’s Pharmacy for €1.00




We were all guilty as teenagers of layering on Vaseline at the back of class in secondary school.

Also great for dry patches on your face.

Available from Meagher’s Pharmacy for Meagher’s Pharmacy€1.72




One of the newer brands on the Irish market, Eos is smooth lips with style.

Available in a variety of flavours these are super cute and super tasty.

Available from their website for $3.29




The old reliable of lip balms this is some heavy duty lip care.

Medicated it will also help to heal already chapped lips.

Available from Boots for €3.79

Lush None of You Beeswax



All natural, None of Your Beeswax is organic and smells amazing.

It’s also edible but you should probably to keep it for your lips.

Available from Lush stores for €9

Burts Bees



Another natural brand, Burt’s Bees is the bee’s knees of lip care.

Made with vitamin E it will help aid any lip damage you already have.

Available from for €3.95

Clinique Chubby Sticks


The ultimate in beauty balms, Chubby Sticks moisturize and tint your lips at the same time.

Perfect for adding a little bit of colour to your lips without being a full on lipstick it’s great for day looks.

Available from Brown Thomas for 20



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