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The Top 5 Sunglasses For Summer


The heatwave in Ireland has automatically made us all more fashionable – but we’re here to help you complete the perfect sunshine look.

With denim skirts, crop tops and shorts all out in their glory it’s time to whip out our best shades.

We’ve found the best 5 sunglasses, from bargain finds for €4 to some gorgeous designer sunnies.

Take a look:


1. Tiger, €5


There is nothing better than a fab fashion bargain, and shockingly, not from Penneys!

Tiger are known for having the best gift fillers and the most delicious treats.

Not only can you snap up last minute travel basics and every candle colour under the rainbow, they also stock some pretty unreal sunnies.

Our Lisa snapped up this pair from the Danish store for just €5 and swears by them.


2. Tiffany, €290


It’s tradition for most Dublin girls that when you pop into Brown Thomas, you try on sunglasses.

This seagreen green pair are perfect for anyone who likes to think they’re half mermaid.

They are perfect someone who wants an elegant touch to their outfit.

For €290, the Tiffany pair are a great investment and you can snap them up in Brown Thomas.

Brown Thomas also have a promotion going on, where you can buy one pair and get a second for 25% off!


3. Penneys, €4

The sun is shining… ? £3/€4 each #Primark #sunglasses #summer #Primania

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It’s a sin not to mention Penneys as they are the number one for cheap buys, especially for summer.

The store is the go to place for anyone picking up any last minute holiday bits.

Anyone can stroll in and pick up flip flops, towels, bikinis, travel bags, you name it, Penneys have it.

Sunglasses are the must have buys from the store this summer, and for €4, they’re one of the cheapest going.


4. Ray-Ban, €139


Ray-ban have been in business since 1937 and are renowned worldwide for their sunglasses.

From their aviators to their wayfarers, they have constantly been the go to for summer eyewear.

This summer, polarised lenses are the must have in our sunnies.

The lenses work as a handy mirror for a make-up check, but also reduces the sun’s glare onto your eyes.

You can pick up a pair from the Ray-Ban website for €139 and you can customise your glasses, too, to have your own unique pair.


5. Michael Kors, €170


For summer festivals, it’s a nesscity to have a pair of sunnies.

Even when it’s lashing rain, our shades hide our mucky, tired faces the morning after the night before.

Michael Kors is the king of accessories, known for his bags and purses but also has a fab range of sunnies.

This pair are ideal for any boho babe who wants Kendrick Lamar to notice her at Longitude this year.

Pick up this pair from Brown Thomas for €170.