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The Crown creator reveals whether Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s storyline will make the show

The creator of hit show The Crown has finally revealed whether Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s romance will become a storyline on the series.

Creator and showrunner Peter Morgan revealed in an interview that the show will not be focused on any modern day stories within the royal family.

Fans will be devastated to learn that Meghan and Harry’s love story and exit from the royal family, therefore, will not make the cut.


“I just think you get so much more interesting (with time),” he told the Hollywood Reporter.

“Meghan and Harry are in the middle of their journey, and I don’t know what their journey is or how it will end.

“One wishes some happiness, but I’m much more comfortable writing about things that happened at least 20 years ago.

“I sort of have in my head a 20-year rule,’ so things in the recent past are strictly off-limits for The Crown,” he added.

He also mentioned that the recent Prince Andrew scandal, in which he was linked to alleged pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, won’t make the cut either.

“I don’t know where in the scheme of things Prince Andrew or indeed Meghan Markle or Harry will ever appear.”

It comes after Netlflix released a spine-tingling trailer for it’s fourth season, where the story of Princess Diana will begin.

The show is also already commissioned for a season 5 and 6.


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