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Piers Morgan defends Gemma Collins amid Dancing On Ice drama

The presenter doesn't agree with how she's been treated


Piers Morgan has defended Gemma Collins amid ‘Dancing On Ice’ drama.

The 53-year-old presenter has shown support for the reality star after she was branded ‘unprofessional,’ he said: “You know what? I think they’ve been very mean to her.”

On Good Morning Britain, he said: “They put her on the show knowing she’s probably not going to be that great, and now they’ve been sort of taunting her and ridiculing her.”

“I think she’s giving it a damn good go. I didn’t think that I’d be the Gemma Collins defender in all this.”

Last night Gemma clashed with judge Jason Gardiner after he called her ‘mediocre and lazy’ in an interview last week – she told him to stop ‘selling stories’ about her.

Piers also slammed the judge and said: “I think most people watching would be on her side in that debate because he did give a big interview dumping all over her.”

After the TOWIE star skated, Jason said: “There wasn’t any elegance. Marilyn Monroe was a woman in control of her femininity. You were all over the place still and there was not enough skating content.”

He continued to slam her and said: “We’re not going to see big lifts from you. We’re not going to get any impressive moves.”