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Perrie Edwards reveals hardship of public split from Zayn

The pair dated for three years and were engaged for two years


Perrie Edwards has revealed how hard it has been for her to have split from Zayn Malik so publically.

The Little Mix star split from the singer in 2015 after being engaged for two years and dated since 2012.

“For a normal girl to go through something like that it’s hard,” she said

Zayn and perrie

Public: Perrie admitted it’s hard for everyone to know about the details of her break-up | INSTAGRAM

Perrie’s band have a new autobiography set to be released where the musician talks a lot about a former flame – and most have presumed that she has been talking about Zayn.

However, the Brit revealed that she’ll never tell the media why the couple split.

“I think when the whole world is looking at it and talking about it, you feel a bit [affected by it],” she told Jonathon Ross on his ITV show

“Obviously I didn’t say too much about it, I briefly mentioned it. I wasn’t going to not mention it.

“You’re in control at the end of the day and I briefly mentioned it, kind of said what happened but I would never get into detail because it is personal.”