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Nadia Forde's relief as her cancer-struck mum gets new lease of life

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Nadia Forde has told of her relief as her cancer-stricken mum has been given a new lease of life.

The I’m A Celebrity star reunited with mum Berenice after being estranged since a kid, when she heard she was dying with Lymphoma cancer.

The Dubliner held a round-the-clock vigil at her London hospital bedside, and has since discovered how a new drug has helped in her fight.

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Love: Nadia with her mum as a kid

And Nadia, 25, believes that without new Canadian trial drug Gemox, she would died the first week she was told about her illness.

She added: “This isn’t my fight. This is my mother’s fight and she is bravely battling through it. She is doing well.

“If it wasn’t for the drug she would have died of kidney failure that week, without a doubt.

“The chemo with this drug is relatively gentle on the kidneys in comparison to other drugs, so with kidneys that are already weak it is easier on the body.

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“The medicine is very new, but it has had noticeable results. She is out of hospital and her quality of life has improved. She is still in phase four, which is the final stage of cancer, but it is life extending.”

And Nadia told the Sunday Independent that she is loving being back with her family since leaving the jungle.

She added: “I’m spending a lot of quality time with my family. I’ve had no late nights out — I’m just enjoying catching up with everyone.

“Coming home from the jungle was such a big culture shock and it made me appreciate everything and everyone so much more.”