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Little Mix’s Leigh-Anne STORMS out of radio interview


Little Mix appeared on Capital FM for an interview this week, and things got awkward pretty quickly.

The show’s host asked them about their new single Shout Out To My Ex, which resulted in band member Leigh-Anne storming out of the interview.

It turns out that the girls were actually just playing a prank on the host Roman Kemp, with the help of another Capital DJ Marvin Humes.

In the interview, Roman Kemp asked the band, “If you write a song like this do you have to speak to all exes? Clear that song with them?”


Tricksters: The girls play a prank on Capital DJ Roman Kemp

After none of the girls responded, Leigh Anne said, “It just gets on my nerves when people ask things like that. We’re not here to talk about exes”.

“I know the song is called that, but talk about how it’s a positive thing. Do you know what I mean?”

Leigh-Anne subsequently storms out of the room, leaving the radio DJ embarrassed and confused.

Just as Perrie said “I think she’s having a bad day,” a choir entered the room and it becomes clear to the radio host that the girls were just playing a prank on him.

Watch the full video HERE.