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Lindsay Lohan’s father claims that she’s pregnant


Lindsay Lohan’s father claims his daughter is pregnant.

Rumors swirled after the actress posted a bizarre tweet, featuring a picture of herself sporting a fake baby bump for her 2009 film Labor Pains. “I am pregnant!” the since-deleted Twitter post read.

Lindsay’s father told Daily Mail his daughter also texted him, saying “Daddy I’m pregnant.”

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Revelation: Lindsay sparked speculation with this tweet | TWITTER

The Twitter post came amid her social media rampage against ex- boyfriend Egor Tarabasov. She accused him of cheating on her, and the two had a violent row. They ended things last weekend.

The 56-year-old trader said he didn’t know how far along she was, and placed the situation firmly in Lindsay’s hands. “It’s going to be up to her what she decides to do.”

However, he expressed apprehension. “It’s troubling. It’s troubling that she is pregnant,” he admitted.


He also had a message to send to Egor. “He needs to get his act together. She is going through this hard time in the relationship,” Michael said.

Meanwhile, Lindsay is taking a break from it all on a luxury yacht in Sardinia with friend and Israeli socialite Hofit Golan.