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Leonardo DiCaprio selling Malibu home he bought after Titanic success


Leonardo DiCaprio’s has put his lavish Malibu home on the market.

The actor bought the house for $1.6 million back in 1998 – shortly after the huge success of his first major role in Titanic, which he starred in alongside Kate Winslet.

The “California bungalow” is being described as a “meticulously remodelled Carbon Beach jewel.”


Beach vibes: The home has stunning ocean views | THE MLS.COM

The gorgeous home has jumped in value since he bought it almost twenty years ago to $10.95 million, according to TheMSL.com where it’s being listed.

With stunning ocean views, the home owners can walk right out onto the beach from their back door and relax in a jacuzzi.


The Malibu home also has glass panes all over the house, so you’re able to see the wide beach and blue ocean all over the house.

Have a look inside the stunning beach house..


Hotting up: The home owner can enjoying the crashing waves as they relax in the hot tub | THE MLS.COM


Master bedroom: The main bedroom has a balcony with another stunning sea view | THE MLS.COM


Sea views: When dining, the home owners can look out onto the beautiful blue ocean | THE MLS.COM


Blue lagoon: The kitchen’s interior matches the Malibu home’s location perfectly | THE MLS.COM


Wash out: Stairs from the back balcony lead right out onto the beach | THE MLS.COM