Khloe Kardashian is reportedly PREGNANT

The reality star is said to be 'so happy'


Khloe Kardashian is reportedly pregnant with basketball player Tristan Thompson’s child.

The pair went public with their relationship this summer, when the pair were caught smooching on camera – and now it looks their relationship is about to get serious.

“The pregnancy came as a surprise, particularly since Tristan’s ex-girlfriend is currently pregnant, but Khloe got on board with the idea of having a baby pretty quickly,” a source said.


Pregnant: Khloe is supposedly pregnant with boyfriend Tristan’s child | SNAPCHAT

Tristan’s ex-girlfriend, is also pregnant and the sports star is rumoured to be the father of the child.

Khloe’s mother Kris Jenner is also involved in the pregnancy, according to, and wants Tristan to formally propose to her daughter.

“Khloe and Kris want everything done correctly. They don’t want this to look like an accident and Khloe really wants to show the world that Tristan is her man,” the source continued.

“She wants to kind of follow tradition and have Tristan ask her mum for permission to propose, in hopes of making the engagement look more traditional and formal.”