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Jedward want to enter Eurovision for a THIRD time after series of flops for Ireland


Jedward have revealed they want to enter Eurovision again – by writing Ireland’s entry next year.

The X Factor twins insisted they won’t perform at the 2015 contest in Austria as they don’t feel people would “appreciate” it.

But the Dubliners – who came eighth with Lipstick when they entered three years ago – feel they know what Ireland needs to win.

John said: “I’d like to write a song, we wrote other songs that are going to be on our album. But I’d like to write a really good Eurovision song.


Winner: Conchita Wurst writer wants to work with Jedward

“I think we have to be prepared, rather than do it last minute. Really prepare for it… I think we need to think outside of Ireland at what will work.”

Edward added that Ireland, who failed to make it past the semi-finals with Kasey, “needs a song that stands out” and the person behind Conchita Wurst’s win wants to work with them.

Pride of Ireland Awards 2014

Smart: Jedward at the Pride of Ireland Awards

He said: “The guy who wrote Conchitta’s song, he wants to write a song with us for Eurovision.”

Meanwhile, Jedward told the Ray D’Arcy Show that they will always stay the same – and don’t plan to rebel.

John said: “I feel like me and Edward always try and be who we are before we went on the whole thing. We don’t say we have to start getting loads of tattoos, we have to be hanging out.

“We’re not saying, ‘Look at me, I’m smoking, I’m doing this, I’m doing that’. We just want to always be us and stay who we are.”

Edward added: “Me and John don’t have this massive pressure on our shoulders every day, where we have to impress 1,000 people working for us… we’ve never felt like we’ve been in a position where we have to rebel.”

John said: “If I was to ever rebel, I’d just have a load of chocolates and sweets.”