Hollywood director ‘almost died’ from drug abuse

The American's weight dropped way down


Martin Scorsese, one of Hollywood’s most profitable film directors, has revealed that he almost died from drug abuse.

The Oscar winner opened up about how he found himself close to death from drug abuse and chronic asthma.

“On Labor Day weekend, I found myself in a hospital, surprised that I was near death,” he said.


Close call: Martin revealed that he was near death because of drug abuse and chronic asthma | CHANNEL 4

Martin admitted that he was drawn to the dangerous side of life which led to him ending up in hospital.

“I took chances,” he told the Hollywood Reporter about his dangerous habit.

“[I was] out of time and out of place and also in turmoil in my own life and embracing the other world, so to speak, with a kind of attraction to the dangerous side of existence.

“A number of things had happened – misuse of normal medications in combinations [to which] my body reacted in strange ways.”


Reactions: The director admitted that it was misusing his medication that led to his body shutting down| AMERICAN MEDIA

The American also revealed that his asthma also kept him in hospital for over a week – and he became aware while there that he didn’t want to waste his life.

“I was down to about 109 pounds. It wasn’t only drug-induced – asthma had a lot to do with it.

“I was kept in a hospital for 10 days and nights, and they took care of me, these doctors, and I became aware of not wanting to die and not wasting [my life.]

“I prayed. But if I prayed, it was just to get through those 10 days and nights. I felt [if I was saved] it was for some reason. And even if it wasn’t for a reason, I had to make good use of it,” he added.