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EXCLUSIVE! Lorraine Keane: 'I was asked to do a charity single like Sile Seoige'


Former Xpose anchor Lorraine Keane has revealed she was asked to make a charity single – just like Sile Seoige.

Sile has reinvented herself with her recent release of Maybe This Christmas, with all sales of the song going to the Make A Wish Foundation and Childline.

Speaking to Goss.ie Lorraine said she was approached to make a Christmas record, but felt too nervous at the time.

“Somebody spoke to me about it a good few years ago because my Dad is in a showband,” she explained.


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“I was approached a long time ago to do something like that and I didn’t. I was working in TV3 at the time and I was too nervous.

“But I think what Sile has done is fantastic. It’s a great song and it’s getting a great reception. I’m delighted for her,” she told Goss.ie.

Meanwhile Lorraine admitted she would love to get back on stage for another musical.

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Musicals: Lorraine says she wants to return to the stage | VIPIRELAND.COM

The TV host had a starring role in musical Girls Night Out in 2012, and said she would love to do it again.

“Yeah (I’d do another musical), if it was the right one, definitely,” she said.

“I love a live audience, I can see how you could loose the run of yourself though. I’m not sure my ego could cope with standing ovations every night.

“It was funny because after I had finished the four month tour Peter (my husband) was saying ‘Oh god how am I gonna live with her? She’s gonna make dinner on Monday night and expect a standing ovation.’

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Audience: Lorraine loves being on stage | BRIAN MCEVOY

“They’re so addictive. In TV unless you’ve got a live audience you don’t get that buzz back whereas you’re getting it all the time on the theatre stage.

“It was great fun, it didn’t feel like a job,” she added.

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